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Complete at 140,000 words; currently seeking representation

When the offices of Chrysanta Frost's information warfare department are burned down by communist agents with Frost still inside, her Secret Intelligence superiors are delighted. At last, they're rid of both Frost, who has been a thorn in their side for years, and her department, "Indigo", which they see as ineffective at best and a PR nightmare at worst. But Frost has never let inconveniences like near-death experiences or other people's opinions get in her way, and with the help of underpaid staff of criminals, ex-spies, and ghostwriters at her side, she'd determined to prove to her superiors that Indigo is their best weapon for winning the Cold War. But Frost's enemies are not just abroad--they're right at home, too. Power-hungry politicians, unscrupulous journalists, and traitorous agents all seek to manipulate Indigo and use it for their own purposes. In order to stop them, Frost must decide once and for all whether her loyalty lies with her country, or her friends. And if she chooses wrong, both sides will pay a deadly price that could shift the entire precarious balance of the Cold War.

The Curse Street Runners

YA fantasy novel in progress for April 2018 NaNoWriMo. Teenagers Sayre, Fira, and Kiley are exploring the network of city utility tunnels under their private school when a wrong turn leads them to walk right into the middle of a violent robbery at the neighboring museum. With Sayre now wanted by the police and Kiley's ripped from her and embedded in Fira, the girls team up with Fira's trainee cop sister Maeven, her hacker classmate Lark, and mysterious teenage assassin Lorne to find the theives and recover the stolen artifact that started this whole mess--if indeed such a dangerous artifact can be allowed to continue to exist at all.

You Meet in a Tavern

Game currently in development with Cat & Mouse Games. Set a typical fantasy RPG tavern, YOU MEET IN A TAVERN is a tale of epic adventure, world-saving adventures, and friendships born of blood and beer... from the perspective of a bartender who never gets to leave their tavern. Serve booze, provide quests and rumors, and play a traditionally NPC role as you help today's hotshots become tomorrow's heroes.

Other Work

Digital Systems Manager for the Vermont Studio Center, an international artists' and writers' residency program located in Johnson, Vermont.

Narrative Designer and Developer for Cat & Mouse Games, indepenent video game development company creating beautiful story-driven games.

Former contributor at Book Riot and Book Riot Comics, writing about critically-underappreciated children's literature, graphic novels, and webcomics.

Former contributor at FemHype, a site for women and nonbinary gamers, writing about design, representation, and storytelling in video games.


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